3 Healthy Uses of Honey You Might have Missed

Who would have thought that the lovely, tiny bees will provide the best natural sweetener from all times, yet still unmeasured by the synthetic versions made by humans with their great technologies and scientific studies? Well, it seems that honey could be considered the food of gods’ because its sweet, tasty flavor and its lovely […]

Tips and Tricks on How to Improve Your Brain

The brain is an incredibly complex organ, in fact, the most complex organ in our body. There still are a lot of unsolved mysteries about brain function, a lot of unanswered questions and never seizes to amaze researchers and scientists all around with its way of functioning, adaptation and many other aspects. One thing is […]

First things come first: Yoga is mandatory for a healthy mind and body

Yoga is a healthy and body improving practice, a combination of different poses, breathing exercises and a philosophy of finding your positive energy inside you and simply to make something good out of it. Many yoga poses are simple to do, and everyone should try it to benefit from many positive changing inside their organism, like […]