The brain is an incredibly complex organ, in fact, the most complex organ in our body. There still are a lot of unsolved mysteries about brain function, a lot of unanswered questions and never seizes to amaze researchers and scientists all around with its way of functioning, adaptation and many other aspects.

One thing is for certain: our brains can be trained! We can improve the brain’s activity regarding memory, brain health, brain power or even efficiency in thinking and solving problems but most people are looking for ways to stop our brains from aging.

There are a few tricks for helping our brain stay young for longer. The most important and effective thing you can do is to start exercising to maintain a general health of your body but, the brain, in particular, has a lot to gain from exercising. Doctors suggest combining aerobic exercises with weight training. Studies have shown that people who regularly train have a sharper brain and those who start training later will improve their brain activity, and the explanation is that by exercising our bodies are healthier with lower risks of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other diseases that will eventually affect our brains.

Another important aspect is nutrition. Our brains are influenced by what we eat, and the best food for the brain is antioxidants which can be found in vegetables, colorful fruits, nuts, and spices. Food can also influence our brains because we can develop some diseases that will eventually cause harm in different ways to our brains.

For a sharper brain, we must challenge it every single day especially after the age of thirty because it has been scientifically proven that from this age brain activity starts to slow down. An important fact is that brains can be trained and their sharpness can be maintained or even improved. The secret is to constantly keep our minds busy at least a few minutes every day by reading a book, solving a puzzle, solving word games, playing video games, playing chess, learning to play an instrument, playing ping-pong or even solving math problems. Staying relaxed is also a significant factor because stress can affect your brain cells. The secret is to do as many activities possible but without stressing out about the fact that you are not doing enough. Physical exercise can help with stress release; meditation is also a good idea if you feel stressed out. Besides trying to keep stress away it is essential to sleep for various reasons: not getting enough sleep can activate cancer cells, our brain doesn’t work properly in case of lack of sleep, and this has been proved in studies which have shown that in the event of problem a good night sleep can actually help solve it the next day.

Many of us have heard that people with a great sense of humor are a little smarter and this is, in fact, the truth. Also, laughter releases a hormone named dopamine which makes us feel good, and in the end, we are more relaxed, and our brains function a little better, and this is why a day shouldn’t pass without a good laugh. Smoking has been proven to affect our minds negatively. Years of Tabaco use lower mental performance and also makes thinking slower and less accurate. Smoking can also lower IQ levels. Hydration is another critical aspect that we should keep in mind daily. Dehydration shrinks our brain, and this makes it harder to think, harder to concentrate and even makes our thinking slower. Music seems to have a significant impact on our brain activity. Studies show that the brains of musicians are a little different than ours. They are more symmetrical, areas of motor control and spatial coordination are larger so if you think you have the abilities you need learn to play an instrument! Only listening to music also brings benefits like reduced stress by lowering the stress hormone cortisol, happiness, better moods, and increase in productivity.

Even though our brains are very complex, they can be trained to be more efficient in different aspects easily, but this training should be done daily for extended periods of time if not for the rest of our lives. It is important to have a healthy brain because as we all know it’s what keeps us going and we don’t even realize how much a simple problem could affect our everyday lives. Keeping our brains young is also possible and essential for all of us, but the sad part is not everyone thinks of these things. In the end, if you want to improve your brain activity and to keep it healthy the presented tricks will do their job but only if we have ambition and perseverance.

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