Yoga is a healthy and body improving practice, a combination of different poses, breathing exercises and a philosophy of finding your positive energy inside you and simply to make something good out of it.

Many yoga poses are simple to do, and everyone should try it to benefit from many positive changing inside their organism, like boosting the immune system and cognitive functions, improving the blood flow, preventing cardiovascular and breathing diseases also providing a better sex life and a positive general mood, without stress or anxiety involved. Here are some very useful and easy yoga poses that can be practiced by both specialists and beginners:

Bridge pose – in this pose you must lie on your back on the mat, with your knees bent, and your hips rise from the floor, creating a stretched line with the knees. Keep your hands on the mat with palms oriented downwards and begin to raise your hips to the sky, pressing with your both feet. You must keep your shoulders in line with the base of your neck and your chin straight, away from the chest. This way the trapezius muscles are strengthened and kept away from the head, which could cause a bad pressure on your neck.

Corpse Pose – This pose involves diaphragmatic breathing, and it is meant to restore and also boost your overall body’s proper functioning. You must lean on your back onto the mat with your feet slightly spread and your arms on your belly. Then, inhale and exhale and lean your arms on your both sides of the body. This should be a relaxing pose, so the deep breathing exercises and mental distress should be a way to relax your muscles, joints and your entire organism, leading to a clearer thinking and overall better functioning of your body.

Bound Angle Pose – in this pose you should sit onto the mat with your feet together, and your knees bent towards the sky. Slightly fold over your feet while trying to bring your both knees closer to the mat, engaging your pelvic muscles and strengthening this area. This will provide you a better sexual performance and better control over the pelvic region.

Meditation Pose – this is a very famous and highly popular pose; you must sit down on your mat and bring sufficient attention and awareness on the natural breathing on and out through your nose. You must tend to pay some attention to the triangular area around your nose and your upper lip and your regular proper respiration. Just rest your hands on your bended knees, with your feet crossed over underneath you, palms towards the sky. Relax your both shoulders and neck muscles and think positive and do not do any movement, just meditate and enjoy the peaceful, necessary silence.

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