Hummus is an ancient recipe with a tasty flavor and a brown color, which can provide many health benefits and body improvements like providing a healthy and boosted digestion and waste removal, a better control of your body weight and a natural defiance against colds and different infectious diseases. Here are some late interesting facts about this delicious world-wide spread dish which is highly popular on the Globe.


  • Hummus is a healthy nutritional food. Ho would have thought that you can actually eat only one dish and benefit from many health improvements and positive results at the same time? Well, it seems that hummus is a tasty, flavored recipe, but at the same time, it contains aliments like garlic, chickpeas, olive oil and sesame seeds which will protect your body from many illnesses and diseases. Hummus contains optimum quantities of carbohydrates, healthy fats, iron, calcium, vitamin B6, and lecithin, which will protect your brain from future damaging, will boost your energy levels and will protect your heart from cardiovascular diseases. Hummus is also cholesterol-free and gluten-free also with a very low glycemic index, so it is a nutritious, thus a very healthy dish. This fact makes hummus fit for vegans and vegetarians and other people who need a restrictive diet.

  • Hummus is a world-wide made recipe. Although the origin of hummus lie in the region of Middle Eastern countries, there are many regions now that are claiming and making this interesting, nourishing dish, countries like Greece, Arabia, Egypt, Palestine and other Mediterranean regions, with many forms of the original recipe, adapted to the ingredients and tastes of modern people. This chickpeas-based product is made in all these regions, and all over the world, people have embraced this dish because it is suitable for very sensitive and highly demanding taste and nutritive need, so everyone should enjoy its tasty flavor and its many health benefits.

  • Hummus is a healthy aphrodisiac. Besides chocolate or wine, hummus is an aphrodisiac dish which contains arginine, an enhancing neurotransmitter which can increase the levels of blood circulation and internal lubrication, thanks to the great amounts of fiber-rich ingredients which chickpeas are. So next time you are thinking to please and surprise your partner with your bedroom performance, cook his dinner consisting of the tasty hummus dish and you will not regret the healthy choice that you have made.

Britain is the Europe leader of making hummus. Yes, it seems that Britain is in control when it comes to European manufacturing of the hummus dish. They love it so much because of the nutritive values, the aphrodisiac power and the ability to help in weight management, so no wonder everyone is eating it and adjusting hummus to their own tastes and cuisine preferences.